About Big Game Forever

Welcome to the Big Game Forever website. You are here, joining with thousands of American Sportsmen across the country to:

  • Ensure the legacy of wildlife abundance for future generations
  • Restore healthy big game herds
  • Stop uncontrolled wolf expansion and excessive predation
  • Implement solutions to stop anti-management litigation and experimentation

Sportsmen Working Together

The founders of Big Game Forever include leading wildlife conservation groups and Sportsmen from across North America. American Sportsmen invest $1.5 billion annually for habitat, wildlife conservation and sensitive species. That is nearly 10 times the amount invested by the non-sportsmen taxpayer. We are the original conservationists. Sadly, anti-sportsmen special interest groups want to argue that sportsmen are the enemy of conservation.

Our Model

We invest millions directly in on-the-ground projects wildlife. Rather than suing already strained state agencies and further depleting needed funding for wildlife, we prefer to work collaboratively to augment such resources. Our track record of putting dollars on the ground for critical but underfunded projects has accomplished more for wildlife than the high profile anti-sportsmen groups with hundred million dollar endowment funds. We accomplish more with less funding, by not limiting the tools we use to accomplish lasting change for our most sensitive big game populations.

Our Founders

Sportsmen for Fish and WildlifeOur founding partner Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife has a 20 year record of direct political action to (1) restore millions of acres of wildlife habitat; (2) reintroduce sensitive big game species with direct investment of millions of dollars; (3) direct political action to counteract anti-sportsmen litigation and special interest agendas.

Our Role in Wolf Delisting

Don PeayOur founder Don Peay was instrumental in federal wolf delisting. Meeting directly with President Bush and working with the Obama administration Mr. Peay worked tirelessly to allow state wolf management. For the last three years we have spent hundreds of thousands in federal court to maintain states’ ability to manage wolves. However, anti-management litigation continues to impede effective wolf management measures.

Our founder Ryan Benson graduated from Harvard Law School in 2001 and has worked in some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms. With a degree in political science and a background in state and national politics, Mr. Benson has implemented strategies to effectuate the passage of over 45 pieces of legislation. An avid hunter, Mr. Benson is now working full-time to lead the charge in our national wolf delisting effort.

We Need Your Help

Immediate Congressional action is needed to restore balance between wolves and the ecosystem. We cannot do it alone. Working together, we can restore abundant wildlife for generations to come. By joining our effort at Big Game Forever, you can ensure that uncontrolled wolf expansion does not erase decades of effort and billions invested in healthy wildlife populations. Your involvement supports high level political and legal changes needed to protect healthy big game herds now and in the future. Click here to help!

We call on Congress to support state management authority, to allow regulation of wolf populations in current wolf states, and in order to protect wildlife populations in adjacent states as wolf populations spread

We call on states to ensure balanced wolf management to maintain and protect wildlife herds.

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