Wolf populations have increased exponentially reaching 500-700% of sustainable recovery levels.

Standing Together Against Wolf Overpopulation

The Canadian Gray Wolf was introduced into Western States in 1994 and achieved recovery objectives in 2002. Wolves are also abundant in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wolves are here to stay. With a population growth rate of 24%, wolf overpopulation is now doing significant damage to wildlife populations throughout the West and Midwest.

Immediate congressional action is needed to permanently delist wolves and allow for much needed state wildlife management. Ongoing anti-management litigation must be ended to return wolf numbers to agreed upon levels to avoid irreversible damage to big game herds. Sportsmen have invested millions to restore big game abundance. As the original conservationists, working together we can continue to achieve the political and management solutions needed to save big game herds in crisis.

Worldwide wolf abundance-wolves are NOT endangered


50,000 wolves


11,000 wolves

Europe and Asian

60,000 to 100,000 wolves (estimated)

We call on Congress to support state management authority, to allow regulation of wolf populations in current wolf states, and in order to protect wildlife populations in adjacent states as wolf populations spread

We call on states to ensure balanced wolf management to maintain and protect wildlife herds.

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"Wolves took over and became the leading cause of Lolo elk deaths. It wasn’t until May of last year that the state could finally manage wolves. By then, the balance of elk and wolves in the Lolo Zone was completely out of whack. Extreme predation on adult females and calves means not enough calves survive to replace the adults that die each year."

—Cal Groen, 2010
Idaho Department of Fish and Game