Idaho Fish and Game wants to hear about your wolf sightings

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Aug. 26–Whether hunting, hiking or huckleberry picking people get outdoors in late summer, and if you happen to see a wolf, Idaho Fish and Game would like to know about it.

“We’re looking for basic wolf information from folks returning from the field,” F wildlife manager Craig White said. “Where the wolf or wolves were seen, their behavior, size, coat color and any other details.”

The easiest way to report sightings is online by going here.

F says the user-friendly, step-by-step form takes only a few minutes to complete. Forms are relayed to area biologists who, in some cases, may contact the observer for more details.

“Many of the reports will be valuable in confirming documented wolf activity,” White said. “In other cases, a report might identify a new wolf activity area that needs further investigation.”

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