Harvest of an unusual mountain lion in southeastern Idaho is generating lot of interest and questions

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Written by Jeanne Rife on 13 Jan 2016

Harvest of an unusual mountain lion in southeastern Idaho is generating lot of i

The harvest of a strange mountain lion in southeastern Idaho recently has generated lot of fuss among media and the public. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has shared some facts and some extra information about the harvest of this mountain lion and its odd deformity.

Last week, a young male mountain lion was harvested legally in the Weston area nearly 8 miles southwest of Preston, Idaho.

The mountain lion was seen attacking a dog on the property of a landowner in the rural Weston area on December 30. The mountain lion rushed away, leaving its foot marks behind. The tracks were followed with the help of other properties and ultimately led to a place where the cat had gone into the hills.

Post attack, within three hours of the attack, the hunter started tracking the mountain lion, using hounds and legally harvested the cat the same day. The dog who was attacked managed to survive.

There was something wrong, as the mountain lion had a strange deformity. It has a fully formed teeth and something appeared to be tiny whiskers were grown out of hard, fur-covered tissue on the left side of the forehead of the animal. Idaho Fish and Game isn’t sure about the cause of this abnormality developed on the mountain lion.

There are chances that the teeth may be the leftovers of a conjoined twin that lost life in the womb and other fetus observed it. There is also a possibility that deformity was a teratoma tumor.

Such types of tumors are composed of tissue from which development of hair, teeth, and even fingers and toes can take place. They are not commonly found in humans and animals. The southeast region of Idaho Fish and Game, biologists have never come across anything like this particular deformity so far.

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