BRIEF: Donations Can Open Private Acres to Sportsmen

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s Access Yes! program compensates landowners for providing sportsmen access to private land and for making public acres more accessible through private land. As of Oct. 8, Fish and Game reported having 92 active Access Yes! lease agreements opening 385,028 private and 502,615 public acres across the state. Within the Magic Valley, 32 lease agreements opened 149,758 private and 262,140 public acres,…

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Big game season fuels economy and traditions

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Ashland sits on the edge of the largest block of public land in southeastern Montana, making it a magnet for many hunters. But similar-sized communities’ cafes, gas stations and grocery stores will also benefit from the estimated $204.5 million that deer and elk hunters will spend on everything from ammunition to candy bars. Add in other hunters — from archers to those pursuing antelope — and the figure rises to an estimated $288 million.

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