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  • Kevin Erdman says:

    I agree wolves should be removed from the endangered species list.

  • Ryan Morris says:

    I’ve been researching wolf hunting and plan to visit the panhandle this coming February. I’ve only drove through Coeur d’Alene and I really have no Idea where I’m going. I’m tentatively planning to hunt either Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint area. I’m considering renting a snow mobile to cover more ground and hoping that I can’t hunt somewhere with little private land and something to see more then thick timber and brush. Do you have any recommendations on what area I might have the best luck? I’d take any advise or even if you know someone I could reach out to for advise to help plan where exactly I’m going. Also, do you know where my best resource would be for winter access? I don’t know where to find what roads will or won’t be accessible in the winter by car or snow mobile. I’m capable of skinning off road and experienced in traveling through deep snow on foot but it seams like I’d be more successful with winter road/trail access. Any info you can give me will be much appreciated!!

  • Diane Maurer says:

    I agree…wolves should be removed from the endangered species list…now !!

  • JOHN KRAEMER says:

    I also agree wolves should be removed from the endangered species list.

  • David Wyrick says:

    Wolves in Washington state are creating a nightmare and if allowed to continue, will only create more headaches and tax monies spent/lost rapidly.

  • David says:

    Wolves eat people too!

    • Naomi Dobbs says:

      Hey Aldo (likley not your real name): People are capable—and motivated by consequences—to follow rules and quotas, and stay in geographic bounds and stay off private lands—wolves are not. Claiming an unpredictable predator has essentially the same capacity as human hunters to achieve conservation is oddly anthropomorphic, and not logical—nice try.

  • Vince gallegos says:

    Clean up after these liberals mess,they left ,bring wolf population back down to specs!!

  • Christopher Watson says:

    Wolfs eat elk. Interesting as their main diet was bison. Not elk. Bison herds sustained the wolf not elk. Wolfs need to eat several pounds of meat a day to live. Elk herds can’t supply the growing population of wolfs with enough to eat. Do the math. Pretty simple to many wolfs leads to no elk and starving wolfs. Solution harvest some wolfs.

  • Peggy says:

    Living where we do it makes me sick that we can’t go out into the mountains without again and worrying about where the wolves are. We don’t dare let our grandkids or our dog go out into the mountains like we did and our kids did growing up. So many people say wolves only kill what they can eat. This is such a lie. Wolves kill to kill and most of the time they just leave the meat to rot. No one is safe without a gun in the mountains anymore and that is heartbreaking.

  • Emily Jean Barbe says:

    I am so glad President Trump is going to do something about this. Saw the video on FaceBook. I have seen what wolves can do. We live in North Idaho and the wolves have made the elk numbers so low it’s not even funny. Big bulls are a specialty around here and there are places where deer and elk are rare. I talked to a hunter last fall who lives up the Saint Joe, and she said when she went deer hunting, while walking there were wolves surrounding her. No way to hunt with that! The wolves through everything off. And there numbers just keep growing while the big (and small) game numbers plummet. Please, do something so the big game can once again thrive! Thank you!

  • Tommy says:

    My elk hunting has changed forever. Delist those killing machines! I’ve found kills they didnt even eat, they just kill and go to the next one.

  • Rick Brocious says:

    It is so great to have a common sense President that see’s through the smoke screen of the anti’s . THANK YOU !

  • Linvol Webb says:

    Let the States manage the wolf . They need to fear humans

  • Jeffrey Stoermer says:

    Gray wolf should be removed from the
    The list and turn on hunting and trapping list thay are killing cow , sheep, horse,
    And wild game animals

    Jeff stoermer

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